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Join us in advocating for comprehensive election reform in Rhode Island to promote inclusivity, choice, and efficiency in our electoral system.

About the Proposed Legislation

Learn about RIVER PAC’s mission and our proposed legislation to modernize Rhode Island’s election system.

RIVER PAC is dedicated to advocating for comprehensive election reform in Rhode Island. Our proposed legislation aims to modernize the current system for earning party status, replacing it with a more cost-effective and inclusive two-tiered system: major party status and minor party status.

Key elements of our proposed legislation include:

Reduced Threshold: We advocate for lowering the threshold for earning party status from 5% to 2%. This adjustment ensures that smaller political parties have a viable pathway to gaining recognition, fostering a more diverse and representative political landscape.

Expanded Race Eligibility: Our legislation seeks to expand the races through which parties can earn status. Beyond just the Presidential and Gubernatorial races, we propose including all statewide and federal elections. This expansion provides opportunities for parties to gain recognition across a broader range of electoral contests.

Pathway for New Parties and Party Maintenance: We propose creating a pathway for new parties to earn and maintain status. This provision recognizes the importance of outlining a way for minor parties to grow over time until they reach the major party threshold. It also addresses any continuity issues that may arise if major parties fall below the required threshold with elected general assembly members.

The implementation of our proposed legislation will bring about several benefits:

Incorporating New Minor Parties: The State of Rhode Island will incorporate new minor parties into its voter database, enhancing the representation of diverse political voices.

Streamlined Process: The state will no longer need to count petitions for party status verification, saving valuable employee hours every election cycle.

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Our Mission:

Advocate for inclusive election reform by reducing thresholds, expanding race eligibility, and creating pathways for new political parties in Rhode Island.

Our mission is to promote inclusivity, choice, and efficiency in Rhode Island’s electoral system. By advocating for these reforms, we aim to empower voters, strengthen democracy, and create a more vibrant political environment where all voices are heard and represented.

Join us in our efforts to enact positive change and shape the future of democracy in Rhode Island. Together, we can build a more inclusive and representative electoral system for all citizens.

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Why Election Reform Matters:‚Äč

Promoting Choice: Increasing party options gives voters more choices, fostering competition among ideas. This can lead to a marketplace of political ideologies, allowing citizens to align more closely with their values.

Inclusivity: Lowering thresholds for small parties promotes inclusivity by giving a voice to underrepresented communities and viewpoints. It’s an essential step towards creating a more representative political system.

Individual Empowerment: Easier access for small parties makes citizens feel empowered, knowing that their political preferences are better represented. This change fosters a sense of agency among voters.

Conservative Perspective:

Limited Government: Reducing thresholds for small parties aligns with conservative values of limited government interference. It allows for a more diversity of thought in our political landscape without unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles.

Community Engagement: By making it easier for smaller parties to gain status, we encourage civic engagement and empower communities. A more diverse political landscape can better represent the true spectrum of conservative values within the state.

Progressive Perspective:

Increased Voter Turnout: This reform is likely to increase voter turnout as people feel more connected to parties that align with their values. A diverse political landscape encourages citizens to actively participate in the democratic process.

Strengthening Democracy: Democracy thrives when there is a multitude of voices contributing to the dialogue. Lowering thresholds enhances democracy by fostering a political environment where diverse opinions can be heard and considered.

Libertarian Perspective:

Individual Liberty: Making it easier for small parties to earn party status upholds the principle of individual liberty. It allows individuals to freely associate with political groups that best represent their values.

Choice and Competition: A diverse political landscape promotes choice and competition, principles that libertarians value. Easier party status for small parties encourages a more competitive marketplace of political ideas.


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