Yesterday, RI House Bill 7766 was scheduled for hearing and/or consideration on Tuesday, Mar 26, 2024, at the rise of the house. We encourage all who support minor party ballot access to come and voice your support for this legislation.

Entitled, An Act Relating to Elections – General Provisions, House Bill No. 7766 Redefines “Political Party” and defines and distinguishes between “major parties” and “minor parties” based on the total number of votes a party’s candidate received in the previous election.

This bill helps alternative political parties by lowering the threshold for total votes required to gain “major party” status from 5,000 to the national average of 2,000.

H7766 would also expand the eligible races from the current presidential and gubernatorial races to all federal and statewide races.

This bill also defines a new “minor party” status which provides a new way for minor parties to organize and gain ballot access through voter registration; simplifying the current process and providing voters a new way to register as whichever party they choose.
Please visit Rhode Island Voters for Election Reform (RIVER) at https://riverpac.org/ for more information about this important legislation.